Stefan Lucks

Stefan Lucks

office at University of Mannheim;


My fields of research are Cryptography and Communications Security. I am

  • searching for an improved understanding and formal handling of security issues,
  • and actively participating in the development of secure systems.

Trace my academic heritage back to Emmy Noether and Carl Jacoby

A selection of my papers is available on-line. As is a full list of my publications (pdf) and my Resume (CV)


with a tie, without a tie, giving a talk. TV: Captured from TV.


Vorlesung: Kryptographie I (SS 2006)
Seminar: Kryptographie (SS 06)
Frühere Lehrveranstaltungen

Crypto-related Links:

Scientific Papers about Cryptography
The IACR and its eprint server
Electronic Proceedings of Crypto and Eurocrypt 1981-1997
German links on Crypto and Security
The Cambridge List of Security Conferences
True Random Numbers
I am one of the authors of the authenticated stream cipher Phelix, which has been picked as an eSTREAM Focus Cipher, both for soft- and hardware profile

Service Contributions to Research

Some conferences I serve on the PC: ISPEC 2007, Hong Kong, China, FSE 2007, Luxembourg, Asiacrypt 2007, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, and Eurocrypt 2008.
I am one of the organisers of the Dagstuhl Seminar on Symmetric Cryptography (2007)
My links regarding cryptography and computer security

GI-related activities:

I am a member and vice speaker of the steering commitee of the GI's task group on Applied Cryptography

Press and Security:
(mostly German)

Wie sicher ist Ihre Internetverbindung?
Heise mit täglichen News und Heise Security
Eine Geheimwissenschaft wird öffentlich (ForUM 2003)
Brüchige Mauern aus Zahlen in Technology Review
Sicher ist unsicher, Deutschlandfunk Audio-Stream
The Poisoned Message Attack - see also an illustrated guide on hashes

General Links:

Aufdeckung von Plagiat für Lehrkräfte (German)
Railway Travel in Europe German Rail, connections to and from Mannheim
Postleitzahl-Suche (German, Javascript) and German phone prefixes
German News Deutsche Ausgabe (German) and English Edition
Conference Etiquette and Oral Presentation Advice; famous papers rejected by their reviewers
More links of general interest

Searching, Translating, ...:

Kolibri (German), and a page with Search Engines
AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Google, Scholar-Google, and a Mirror of Google
LEO's English/German Dictionary and more Dictionaries
The Complexity Zoo and its graphical taxonomy

A Bit of Fun:

User Friendly (archives)
Fine Steganography (German)
German researcher at work, McHack
math is good for your career

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